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Every Inch Of

Many Effigies

Bar, Fl/Pic, Ob, Cl/Bcl,

Bsn, Hn, Perc, Hp,

Pno, 2Vn,Vc, Db

03/2013 - Leigh Melrose & Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, conducted by Oliver Knussen, CBSO Centre, Birmingham.



03/2013 - King Edwards VI Handsworth School.

Resolution - a collaboration between composers, biomedical scientists and schools.


Choir (SATB), Perc, Pf

i) 11/2013 - Aldeburgh Music Club & Thomas Mills High School Senior Choir, conducted by Laura Scott.

Orford Church, near Aldeburgh, Britten Centenary Weekend.

ii) 03/2012 - AMC.

Orford Church, near Aldeburgh. AMC 60th Anniversary concert.

Miniatures on Paper

Mez, 4 Perc.

01/2012 - BCMG - Loré Lixenberg, Julian Warburton, Simon Limbrick, Richard Benjafield, Karen Hutt. CBSO Centre, Birmingham.

Brixton Briefcase

Symphony Orchestra

01/2012 - London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by James Macmillan. LSO St Luke's, London.


2 Sop, 1 Mez, Cl, Vc, Pf, Perc

i) 07/2012 - hexaCollective, directed by Sonya Knussen. Artscape, Baltimore, USA.

ii) 07/2011 - Anna Dennis, Sarah Leonard, Clare McCaldin and Jerwood musicians. Britten Studio, Snape.


2 Asax, 2 Tpt, 2 Trb, Perc, Drum Kit, EGui, BGui, Pf, Vn.

i) 03/2011 - LCM New Music Ensemble - Leeds College of Music.

ii) 03/2004 - LCM New Music Ensemble - Fuse Leeds04, Leeds College of Music.

Bleak House

Vn, Vc, Pf.

i) 01/2011 - Lakeside Trio - Park Lane Young Artists Series, Purcell Room, London.

ii) 09/2006 - Fidelio Trio - Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire. [workshop performance]

Krazy Kat

Sop, Mez, Ten, Bar, Fl/Pic., Cl/BCl, Perc, Toy Piano, Hp, Vn, Vc, Db

08/2010 - Tête á Tête & CHROMA.

Singers: Sarah Leonard, Alison Wells, Joe Shovelton, Omar Ebrahim.

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones, Conductor: Tim Murray, Designer: Fabrice Serafino, Stage Manager: Sarah Tryfan.

Tête á Tête Opera Festival, Riverside Studios, London.

Krazy Kat winner of the Stephen Oliver Award. Project funded by the Stephen Oliver Award & The Leche Trust.

Archy interviews a pharaoh

Female Voice & orchestra.

i) 06/2010 - Sonya Knussen & Britten-Pears Composers Ensemble, conducted by Hugh Brunt. Aldeburgh Festival: Britten-Pears Alumni 1: Young Composers, Britten Studio, Snape.

ii) 07/2009 - Sonya Knussen & Britten Pears Orchestra, conducted by Ryan Wigglesworth. Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme Final Recital, Britten Studio, Snape.

The Chronicles of Archy

Sop, Pic/Afl, Cl/BCl, Tpt/Fgl Hn/Perc, Perc, Hp, Vn/Va, Vc

05/2010 - Sarah Leonard & Orchestra of the Swan, conducted by Kenneth Woods - Compton Verney, near Stratford-upon-Avon.
The Chronicles of Archy chosen as 'Premiere of the Fortnight' in Classical Music magazine, 22nd May 2010.


Female Voice, Fl/Pic, Cl/BCl, Pf, Vn, Vc.

i) 01/2010 - Mary Carewe & Sheridan Ensemble - Ultraschall Festival, Berlin.

ii) 10/2007 - Jane Manning & Jane's Minstrels, conducted by Roger Montgomery - Purcell Room, London. Also 06/2005 Coombehurst Studio, Kingston University.

Lear TV

Mez, Bar, Cl, Pf.

08/2009 - Tête á Tête: singers Louise Mott & Daniel Broad, clarinet Stuart King, piano John-Paul Gandy, conductor Tim Murray, director Bill Bankes-Jones - Tête á Tête Opera Festival, London.



07/2009 - Natalie Bleicher - Street Pianos, "Play Me, I'm Yours: London 2009".

The Princess (A Story from the Modern Greek

Sop, Vc.

12/2008 - Sarah Leonard & Robin Michael - BMIC Cutting Edge Tour, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire.

Chansons Innocentes

Female Voice & Chamber orchestra.

02/2008 - Jane Manning & Orchestra of the Swan - Town Hall, Birmingham & Civic Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon.
Chansons Innocentes included in 'Premieres of the Year 2008' in Classical Music magazine.

The Mad Cow Tales

Sop, Vc.

01/2008 - Gemini: Sarah Leonard & Joby Burgess - Victoria Rooms, Bristol.
10/2007 - Sarah Leonard & Richard Benjafield - Little Missenden Festival.
07/2006 - Sarah Leonard & Damien Harron - CoMA Summer School Festival.

(hills chime with thrush)

Choir & Strings.

07/2007 - CoMA Voices & Strings, directed by Sarah Leonard and Robin Michael - CoMA Summer School Festival. Numerous performances by CoMA regional groups.


Pic, Fl, Cl, Ssax, Asax, 2 Hn, Tpt, 2 Trb, Drum Kit, Pf, EGui, BGui.

05/2007 - De Ereprijs - Birmingham University. [workshop performance]

Elephant Woman: a woman's love & life

Female Voice, Fl, Cl, Pf, Va, Vc

03/2007 - Psappha, Jessica Walker (mezzo-soprano), conducted by Nicholas Kok, staged by Elaine Tyler-Hall - Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, Manchester. Workshop performances at Clore Studio, Royal Opera House & Partington Players Theatre, Glossop.



06/2006 - CoMA Voices, directed by Sarah Leonard - CoMA Summer School Festival. Numerous performances by CoMA Voices.
whippoorwill shorlisted for a British Composer Award in October 2007.

The Victory

Sop, Pf

06/2006 - Suzanna Purkis & Russell Harrold - project mentored by Mary Wiegold, Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire.


Cl, Asax, Tpt, Trb, Db, Perc.

05/2006 - BCMG, conducted by Peter Wiegold - CBSO Centre, Birmingham. [workshop performance]



03/2006 - Christopher Redgate - Birmingham Conservatoire. [workshop performance]

. . . over the garden fence


01/2006 - Darragh Morgan - Deptford Town Hall, Goldsmiths College, London & Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire.



11/2005 - Jonathan Powell - Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire. [workshop performance]

Sand Dunes

2 Vn, Va, Vc

12/2004 - Elysian Quartet - The Spitz, London.

your little voice

Female Voice

10/2004 - Sarah Leonard - BMIC Cutting Edge Series, The Warehouse, London.
12/2003 - Jane Manning - spnm 60th Anniversary concert, Shoreditch Church, London.
03/2003 - Anna Myatt - York Late Music Festival, National Centre for Early Music, York.
your little voice shortlisted by the SPNM.


Fl, Cl, Pf, Vib, Vn, Vc.

03/2004 - BCMG conducted by Peter Wiegold - Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire. [workshop performance]

Three Men & A Lady

Tsax, Pf, Perc.

03/2004 - Noszferatu - Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire.11/2003 - Mixing Music, Bromsgrove Concerts' contemporary music series, Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove.

The Hungry Caterpillar


05/2003 - Mary Dullea - BMIC concert, St Cyprian's Church, London.
The Hungry Caterpillar 'Highly Commended' by the SPNM.

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